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The internet is filled with headlines that can drive us crazy and create worry, fear, and anxiety.  The sound of our own wheels, as we travel through the economic, political, and financial jungle, can, indeed, drive us a little wacky.  Will gold crash again?&n
Four of the world’s major central banks are announcing interest rate decisions this week. What does it imply for the gold market? Superweek in Central Banking It is a busy time for central banks. Last week, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand cut its lending rates for
Yesterday, the European Central Bank cut interest rates and extended its asset-purchase program. What does it mean for the gold market? Draghi Pulls Out the Bazooka As expected, the European Central Bank further eased its monetary policy. Draghi did not want to di
Forget Grexit or Brexit. Italexit is next. What are the economic problems of Italy…and how could they affect the gold market? Bad Loans, Bad Loans Everywhere Dropping out from the Eurozone or the European Union is now fashionable. Financial media reported on a Gre
Gold has seen quite a strong start to the year 2016. However, it's my opinion that we've just seen the beginning. In fact, I'm expecting to see incredible gains in the price of the precious metal tomorrow that are likely to last for some time. This will be the result of
Globally, Central Banks are resorting to measures which have never before been witnessed in history. Since the beginning of time, ‘boom and bust cycles’ have been a natural economic cycle. Economies, globally auto-correct themselves by punishing the ‘excesses’ and ‘rewa
Yesterday, David Lipton, the first deputy managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), delivered a speech at the National Association for Business Economics in Washington, D.C. What can we learn from his lecture? Lipton Warns Against Economic Derailmen
The day before yesterday, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) released its quarterly review for March 2016. What can we learn from this publication? Risks Of Negative Interest Rates The Bank for International Settlements, based in Basel, Switzerland, is a
2016 has been an interesting year for gold, and the first week of March and beyond have not changed that fact one iota. With uncertain economic news, it’s clear that investors are placing a high demand on physical gold in order to keep their money safe in the event o
One of the biggest stories we've seen in financial markets over the past few months has been monetary policy. After all, central banks around the world make decisions with regard to monetary policy. From there, these banks are effectively causing change in the value of