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I am overwhelmed of late with the number of articles warning of an impending stock market crash. Yes, the sky seems to be falling. And, like you, I receive dozens of emails daily about how one should protect themselves for the impending stock market crash.  In
Do you realize that every member of your family owes a debt of $59,568.00? That is the debt per person within the U.S., which the U.S currently owes.  This debt will never be able to be paid off. You can get a visual picture of this debt by viewing the debt clo
Precious metals are very interesting commodities. While they are often used in jewelry, artwork, and far more, they are also considered to be a safe-haven investment. Therefore, when market conditions are negative, investors tend to flock toward precious metals as a
It is now 7 years after the Fed began its first quantitative easing process, yet there are many who still do not understand how it works, or, rather, will not work.  Recently, Mr. Martin Armstrong and I have gone back and forth in our own public forums regarding th
The US debt marked a new milestone in February of 2016. The total debt surpassed the $19-trillion mark for the first time ever, and is currently still increasing with every passing second. This means that each US citizen, including children, owes $58,000. The US debt
 The SPX500 has been rallying into a topping formation.  This ‘counter-trend’ rally is the corrective action that is necessary to finish off this Primary Wave 2 upwards within the stock market topping phase. This cycle top will ‘flip’ and then the start of
Bearish Tendencies Most of you come to financial websites to read the latest insights of how the equity markets are about to collapse.  You seek to reinforce your steadfast beliefs that the equity markets are all smoke and mirrors and really should not be as h
The last four years in the metals market have seen much upheaval.  The price action has turned many fundamentalists on their heads.  Many have been screaming that the fundamentals support higher prices, yet the metals continued to follow through in their four-
We have been experiencing an exceptionally strong counter-trend rally in the stock market. This recent, bullish, upward move is not the beginning of a new bullish uptrend.  Last night, the Chinese stock market hit a two-month high. The Shanghai Composite Index
The European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan have run out of “bullets” in their arsenal! They will continue to cut interest rates further ‘below zero’, but that is not taming the ‘Beast of ‘Deflation’.  To the global community, it is evident that this is not con