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Bearish Tendencies Most of you come to financial websites to read the latest insights of how the equity markets are about to collapse.  You seek to reinforce your steadfast beliefs that the equity markets are all smoke and mirrors and really should not be as h
The last four years in the metals market have seen much upheaval.  The price action has turned many fundamentalists on their heads.  Many have been screaming that the fundamentals support higher prices, yet the metals continued to follow through in their four-
We have been experiencing an exceptionally strong counter-trend rally in the stock market. This recent, bullish, upward move is not the beginning of a new bullish uptrend.  Last night, the Chinese stock market hit a two-month high. The Shanghai Composite Index
The European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan have run out of “bullets” in their arsenal! They will continue to cut interest rates further ‘below zero’, but that is not taming the ‘Beast of ‘Deflation’.  To the global community, it is evident that this is not con
Last Friday, March 11th, 2016, Mario Draghi, ECB Chairman, announced new cuts to all three of its current ECB’s policy interest rates.  This included a drop to minus 0.4 percent in the rate it pays on banks’ deposits. He added 20 billion euros a month to th
So, let's take a step back and try to figure out where we now reside in the larger market perspective for metals and miners, and then discuss why I believe we are on the verge of a major bull market.  We can then move into the smaller time frame to see if the lo
The major global economies have had a staggering debt of $199 trillion as of Q2 of 2014. The most recent figures will be closer to $230 trillion because, after 2014, the ECB, Japan and China have all resorted to ‘massive monetary easing’ programs while the US
In a recent article, we made the case that the most recent lows seen across the gold mining sector were likely generational lows, and because of the extreme nature of the undervaluation in the sector, investors should consider this setup as our Trade of the Decade.
Last Century Craziness Weimar inflation in Germany 1921-1923:  The exchange rate for Marks changed from 90 Marks to the US dollar in 1921 to over 4 Trillion Marks to the US dollar in about 2 years. Argentina devalued their peso and exponentially expanded th
Gold has been a very interesting commodity to follow as of late. With global economic conditions, market conditions, and US economic conditions proving to be a cause for concern, safe haven investors have been jumping on board with regard to the precious metal. Today, w