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For the last several years, when we were still below the 1800 region in the SPX, we have been prognosticating that the market is going to head to the 2537-2611SPX region before any correction will be seen. Thus far, the market is still on target. As George Santay
While the market is searching for a top before the next larger pullback begins, I have no indications just yet that such a top has been struck.   But, I still believe we will revisit the 2300SPX region before we begin the next larger rally phase towards 26
Since the Fed increased rates in December, the bond market has been rallying. Many have told me that the Fed controls all markets. Many have told me that you cannot fight the Fed. Many have told me that the Fed controls the bond market. My question is if anyon
I have been asked a number of times about buying into an IPO. So, I thought this may be a good topic to discuss in my latest "Dear Avi" series, and provide examples of my perspective. What are IPOs? Everyone is talking about the surge in IPOs of late. With the
The market made a new all-time high this past week. However, the manner in which it pulled back from that all-time high on Friday has caused me to slightly modify my expectations. I have now seen about a dozen articles over the last week, mostly presented as head
It seems that hardly a week goes by that we do not hear that the US stock market has hit another new all-time high. And indeed, the US capital markets have been amongst the best performers in the world since the crash of 2008-2009 lows. Many have wondered when the US
In our weekend report published in our Trading Room last Saturday May 27, I noted that I was unsure whether we were heading directly to 2500SPX, or if we would see one more pullback before that rally takes hold: "This past week, the market moved into this resista
Price Action Over The Prior Week This past week, the market moved into a larger resistance region to which I have been pointing for months, between 2410-2425. It will make its decision within this region as to whether it heads to 2500SPX directly from here, or lo
Many Believe In The Fed/PPT's Omnipotence The thickness of intellectual dishonesty amongst pundits and analysts in this stock market needs a power-saw to be cut through. And nothing presents this perspective more clearly than the certain belief in the power of ce
Price Action Over The Prior Week With the market remaining below our resistance of 2410SPX, we expected a drop towards 2330SPX. This past week saw a drop which bottomed within 20 points of our target region. Anecdotal And Other Sentiment Indications In