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In September of last year, I made the decision to start investing in silver, and I'm glad I did. Since my initial investment in the precious metal, I've earned nearly 40% on this move. While silver has become increasingly volatile recently, I'm not selling my positi
We've seen several different discussions with regard to how economic conditions are going to affect the price of gold ahead. While I do believe that the price of gold is going to head up moving forward as a result of economic conditions, that's not the big story. Ho
Investor optimism in stocks is becoming more widespread. Last week’s NAAIM Exposure Index rose to 101, which is the highest level since December of 2013. The trading sentiment composite has moved to a “Sell Signal” and last week saw an 11 on the VIX.  Excessive
It was “Panic Buying” that pushed the Dow Jones and the SPX Indices to record highs. To be sure there is trouble brewing in this rally.  Smart money has left the stock market, as the charts at the end of this article will display! While Wall Street insiders appe
We wrote the following article last Tuesday as a consequence of expanding on the keyword “security” and what is its impact for most of us.  Then BREXIT happened on Friday.  Actually, BREXIT is all about security, concern about personal security for those w
Today is a huge day for the market, and it's not a good one. You know what that means... gold and silver prices are skyrocketing! The big movement in the market today is the result of the recent vote with regard to the UK leaving the EU. Today, we'll talk about the
I am overwhelmed of late with the number of articles warning of an impending stock market crash. Yes, the sky seems to be falling. And, like you, I receive dozens of emails daily about how one should protect themselves for the impending stock market crash.  In
Do you realize that every member of your family owes a debt of $59,568.00? That is the debt per person within the U.S., which the U.S currently owes.  This debt will never be able to be paid off. You can get a visual picture of this debt by viewing the debt clo
Precious metals are very interesting commodities. While they are often used in jewelry, artwork, and far more, they are also considered to be a safe-haven investment. Therefore, when market conditions are negative, investors tend to flock toward precious metals as a
It is now 7 years after the Fed began its first quantitative easing process, yet there are many who still do not understand how it works, or, rather, will not work.  Recently, Mr. Martin Armstrong and I have gone back and forth in our own public forums regarding th