Precious Metals

The precious metals sector started September with a bang. Gold prices, which had already eclipsed $1300/oz, pushed to $1360/oz while Silver broke its downtrend line (from its late 2012 and 2016 peaks). Unfortunately, precious metals would soon reverse course and more. G
The recent price movement in precious metals has been a bit up and down—which isn’t surprising, given where the economic headlines have been. It appears just about every investment class has seen its share of optimists and pessimists lately. That’s just as true with
Gold is retesting its 2016 - 2017 consolidation breakout, and the decline seen over the previous two weeks provides an ideal opportunity for precious metals investors to make final purchases before the technical model suggests that 2016 highs will be exceeded for go
We started employing analog charts during the latter stages of the seemingly forever bear market in precious metals. Comparing current to past trends by using price data is not considered technical analysis but it is extremely valuable because history tends to repeat it
I have made a ground-breaking discovery this past week.  It is so earth shattering, that it will literally change the course of my life, and may cause you to change yours as well.  Let me explain. Maybe you believe that the stock market volatility was t
While the metals refused to offer much in the way of a pullback last week, they sure did provide us some nice sideways consolidations.  In fact, they held support almost to the penny, and then continued higher on Friday (Sep 1). And, while everyone seems so
It’s no secret that gold has had a tremendous period of growth over the past 30 days. Gold has broken through the psychological barrier of $1,300 per troy ounce with plenty of space to spare. And while it’s a great time to think about gold mining stocks, there is an
With gold inching upward and Hurricane Harvey’s fallout causing havoc in the south, there have been plenty of economic headlines to watch over the past week. In news climates like this, it can be easy to overlook a precious metal like silver—but it’s worth observing
Silver is currently trading around $17 an ounce. This is around 34% of its 1980 all-time high of $50. However, this is an incomplete representation of what silver is really trading at, relative to US dollars. When you look at the silver price, relative to US currenc
First published on Sun Aug 20 for members:  With the metals providing us with the pullback we were expecting in our report last weekend (Aug 12-13), they continued to push higher from that pullback.  Moreover, the structure continues to look quite bullish.