Precious Metals

Although global market trends were generally negative for silver on Monday, prices again showed broad resilience with evidence of solid buying support on dips. After finding support on dips to below $19.50 per ounce following Friday’s US employment report, silver
The precious metals continued their strong advances this week on worldwide safe-haven buying amidst fears of continued fallout in the EU post-Brexit. Gold rose in most international currencies, including a stellar 4.2% rise as priced in the British pound to 1,056.
The price of silver took a steep fall yesterday, and for good reason. The non-farm payroll report for he month of June was released, topping expectations and sending safe-haven demand downward. Nonetheless, we're starting to see a strong recovery in the precious met
Silver has launched into an orbit of its own. It has risen close to 19% since the Brexit referendum that was held on June 23rd, 2016. It traded above $21.00 per ounce on July 4th, 2016. This is the second time this year that silver has made its intentions clear – i.
Silver was subjected to a correction following sharp gains the previous day as liquidity levels increased following the US Independence Day holiday. Volatility remained very high on Tuesday following the 7% spike to two-year highs above $21 per ounce seen on Mond
Silver has been one of my favorite financial assets to follow throughout the beginning of the year…and for good reason. Through the first half of the year 2016, the price of the commodity has climbed by roughly 25%. At this point, it doesn't seem as though the gains
The past several trading sessions have been incredibly interesting for the prices of gold and silver. After the announcement that the UK voters made the decision to leave the EU, we've seen incredible volatility. In the beginning, both gold and silver skyrocketed on
Let me start this one by saying that I am not the doomsday theorist. I'm not the guy screaming that the sky is falling. In fact, I like to see things in a positive light. With that said, the world's financial system is facing big problems, and the evidence is everyw
The big news impacting precious metals this week was the affirmative 'Brexit' vote on Thursday, as the citizens of Great Britain decided in a referendum to leave the European Union. Global markets were in turmoil following the vote. The British Pound fell a stagg
Today is a huge day for the market, and it's not a good one. You know what that means... gold and silver prices are skyrocketing! The big movement in the market today is the result of the recent vote with regard to the UK leaving the EU. Today, we'll talk about the