Precious Metals

I've been watching silver for some time now. In fact, as a fair disclosure, I should tell you that I have invested in, and still own, massive amounts of physical silver. Not to mention, I continue to grow my holdings of physical silver on a weekly basis... you know,
Silver has had an incredibly strong year thus far, and the price of the metal continues to push upward. The most recent information that's pushing silver upward is news from the Federal Reserve. Today, we'll talk about the news, why it matters, how the market reacte
There are few assets in the financial industry that have the ability to spark a debate quite like precious metals, and this is definitely true for silver. While the bearish view on the precious metal is understandable, the truth is that the bears are sorely mistaken
Precious metals have been skyrocketing recently…and for good reason. There are two big stories coming out of the United States and Europe that are supporting strong growth in the values of gold and other precious metals. Today, we'll talk about the two stories and w
Although in recent weeks, we’ve used this space to point out that Janet Yellen, chair of the Federal Reserve, may be looking to hike rates this month, a recent U.S. jobs report may have popped the balloon. The report had been expected to show a gain of some 160,0
Now that we’ve entered June, a clearer picture of the silver market in the previous month is emerging. And one thing that many silver investors have noticed in particular: the high demand for items like the American Silver Eagle. We know that 2015 was a hallmark yea
Now that we’re three days into June, we have an opportunity to step back and evaluate what’s happened to the platinum price over the last month. And while May at first looked like a bull market for the precious metal, a poor performance over the past few weeks eras
If an article with this title had come out in 2015, it would have been better timing. Silver hit its lows and started to come up this year, which means that if you moved in 2015, then you’re probably having a strong 2016. But is there room yet for silver to flouri
Lately, I've been watching silver incredibly closely. So naturally, I read several expert opinions on the precious metal each and every day. Today, I came across a very interesting one. The opinion comes from Keith Neumeyer, the founder, president and CEO of First M
With silver down below $16.00 as of this writing, it’s clear that May hasn’t been too kind to the precious metal. Although silver started the year strongly, much as gold did, it’s taken a recent hit as investors wait and watch for the Federal Reserve to make its pot