Precious Metals

Even the most fanatical of the silver bugs tend to keep their estimates for silver prices in the double digits. Cautious investors might see $20 per ounce on the horizon, $25 per ounce if they’re optimistic. But the precious metal, which once hit an all-time high of
Precious metals and mining shares are falling to their 6-month cycle lows, as discussed in previous articles. These profit-seeking events occur regularly and are necessary components in balancing values and adjusting sentiment. Because the Intermediate cycle recentl
Why does the price of platinum go up or down? Like any other investment, hindsight always seems to be the most powerful tool for weighing the value of a specific investment. But if you want to know where platinum prices are headed in 2016, it pays to be well-informe
It’s not difficult to see how Federal Reserve policy impacts gold prices. Investors, who are wary of low interest rates, and even the possibility of negative interest rates, tend to flock to gold. In addition, the price of gold is in US dollars, and Federal Reserve
Precious metals have been riding a roller coaster pretty much all year. However, at the end of the day, the trend has still been an upward one. Since mid-last week, we've seen heavy declines on silver, gold, platinum, and more! The declines are the result of expectation
It’s no secret that the price of silver has made it an attractive investment in 2016. Not only has the precious metal performed well during the year, but its value relative to its historical ratio to gold has suggested that it has plenty of room in which to move upw
I'm not a stockbroker, and I don’t play one on TV. But that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in knowing more about stocks - particularly precious metals stocks, since precious metals still seem primed for such a bullish year. And while George Soros might not believe in b
Silver has had an incredibly strong year, thus far, in 2016. Furthermore, from the data that is being released at the moment, I am gathering that we are likely to see more big gains. The reality is that silver demand is climbing while supplies continue to fall. Today, w
It’s not a stretch to say that many of the gold bugs in this world are also “silver bugs.” It’s rare to find someone who prefers one precious metal over the other; an investor who hedges with gold is usually likely to hedge with silver also. But if you routinely inve
It’s no secret that 2016, thus far, has been a positive year for precious metals. But when you use that phrase - “precious metals," most people assume you’re talking about one of two things, silver or gold. What about the platinum price, which has also seen some movemen