Precious Metals

You could buy an ounce of silver for $48.70 in early 2011. The price may seem exorbitant now - with silver at about $16 or $17. However, with silver climbing every day, the notion of silver more than doubling its price and hitting new highs doesn’t sound so silly anymor
Anyone who’s read the news lately knows that despite day-to-day fluctuations, there appears to be a solid market for gold right now. The precious metal is more than just an investment; it’s a hedge against inflation, against a poorly-performing stock market, and a safe
There’s an old axiom when it comes to investing: “buy low, sell high.” The problem is, not every investor lives up to it. They tend to buy high and sell low. The herd mentality is strong in the stock market, which is why you have so many investors leaving stocks just as
Precious metals have been incredibly interesting to watch as of late, and one of the most interesting has been silver. In the beginning of the year, the price of silver started to spike as global concerns with regard to market conditions took hold. However, as time pass
Crafting such a bold title could become hazardous to my reputation since I am a conservative person.  However, before you dust off the straight-jacket and have me committed, please take a few moments and consider the possibility. I’m a contrarian - and I th
Copper isn't the most precious of precious metals, but chances are that the value of the metal is going to start heading upward. In what seems to be a strange play, China is looking to take a large share of the world's copper for itself. Today, we'll talk about why Chin
When stock market prospects are poor, many investors turn to hedges that will keep the value of their investments high even as the prices of businesses decrease. Traditionally, this means that people will hedge their investments with gold and silver, especially if they
While many people look to precious metals to weigh the state of the economy, there are still those shrewd investors who’d rather look to the industrial metals. According to Daryl Guppy at CNBC, “The health of the price of copper, shown here in cents per pound on the
Silver, like gold had a great start to the year. However, I don't think that the rally is over. The truth is that there is a ton of data that supports further growth in the price of the precious metal. Today, we'll talk about why I believe silver is likely to climb thro
If the economy is really poised to fail, does that mean that silver might be set up for even greater success in 2016? That’s the question today as we look back on silver’s performance for the year and consider whether 2016 may indeed be the year that the world starts