Precious Metals

Gold and silver rallied strongly late Tuesday as it became apparent Trump would win. However, it was short-lived, and prices quickly retreated. The abrupt reversal was a precursor to the sharp declines that followed later in the week. Miners broke decisively thro
Anyone reading the headlines this week got a big surprise from the markets…i.e. Despite a Brexit-like result in the elections (wherein the unexpected result ultimately won), the markets looked volatile, but didn’t react quite the same as they did back in late June.
Everyone knows about the shockwave that Donald Trump’s election brought—except after Tuesday night, when Dow Futures plunged around 600-800, it appeared that the shockwave was going to be much nastier than it was. Instead, the market rallied on Wednesday and has eve
For many silver investors, the reason behind investing in the precious metal is simple: it’s an affordable precious metal alternative to gold. For this strategy to work, however, it’s necessary that the silver price closely track the price of gold. But is that
Silver In South African Rand The South African Rand is often a leading indicator for where silver (in dollars) is going, as previously explained. Furthermore, the chart of the silver price in rands can often provide very clear signals or patterns of what might ha
Anyone who read last week’s forecast of the price of silver knows that the precious metal has seen a lot of uncertainty after beginning the year on a particularly strong note. But are there signs of life for the precious metal once again…And if so, how significant w
Silver enthusiasts saw silver flirting with prices in the $20 range earlier this year now have to face the fact that silver’s price has dropped markedly. But is this a temporary dip on a consistent rising in the prices, or is there more to the story? Looking at what
Early this year we started to see a rally in precious metals, sending silver climbing dramatically in an upward trend that seemed like it would last forever. While it didn't quite last that long, it did last until July. However, since then, the price of the white me
Silver has been one of my favorite assets to follow throughout the year 2016. During most of the year, we saw strong gains. However, more recently as economic conditions improve, the white metal has suffered declines in demand and a slow, yet relatively steady decli
Silver is having a rough time in the market today…and for a relatively good meeting. At the moment, the world's top oil producers are in a meeting with a goal of finding a way to support growth in the price of oil. While it may not seem as though this would affect t