Jim Curry

Jim Curry is the editor and publisher of The Gold Wave Trader and Market Turns advisories - each of which specializes in the use of cyclic and statistical analysis to time the Gold and U.S. stock markets. He is also the author of several trading-related e-books, and can be reached at the URL above. 

From my prior article earlier this month, a short-term upward phase was deemed to be in force for the gold market, with higher gold prices expected to play out, due to the position of the 34 and 72-day time cycles. With stocks, a sharp decline was expected to materi
Gold saw its low for last week made in Monday's session, here doing so with the tag of the 1188.10 figure. From there, strength was seen into a Wednesday high of 1212.30 - before backing slightly off the same to end the week. With the action seen last week, the p
The action from last week saw gold forming its high in Monday's session with the tag of the 1208.80 figure, before turning south into a Friday low of 1184.40 - before bouncing off the same to end the week. With that, the short-term cycles are seen as pointing lower,
Last week's action saw gold rallying into mid-week, with the metal pushing up to a Friday high of 1215.80 (December, 2018 contract) - before turning south off the same to end the week flat to slightly higher overall. Gold Short-Term For the near-term action, t
With the action seen last week, this weekend I thought we would take a look at the cycle work in relation to both the gold and U.S. stock markets, to get some idea of what we might expect to see play out as we move into the Autumn months. Gold Price Cycles For
The recent action has seen the expectation of additional short-term strength for gold, with the metal pushing up to a high of 1220.70 into last Tuesday - before giving way to a downside consolidation to end the week. The positioning of the time cycles suggests anoth
With the action seen last week, gold finally managed to put in a decent rally, with the metal forming its low in Monday's session with the tag of the 1189.60 figure - before re-testing that level into Thursday/Friday. From there, a sharp move higher was seen into late-d
Last weeks trading saw Gold holding below our key (upside) price reversal levels, which kept the metal in its current weaker configuration - with the mid-term cycles still pushing south at the present time. Gold Short-Term For the near-term action, Gold needed
Short-Term Gold For the near-term, the next move for the gold market should be a rally with the 34-day time cycle, which is into extended range for a bottom: In terms of time, the 34-day cycle is now well into extended territory for a rally to materialize, a r
Gold's Short-Term Cycles From the comments made in my last article, the 10 and 20-day cycles looked to have topped at the most recent swing high of 1244.90 - with the confirmation of the same being a reversal below the 1220.30 figure (December, 2018 contract). With t