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In our weekend report published in our Trading Room last Saturday May 27, I noted that I was unsure whether we were heading directly to 2500SPX, or if we would see one more pullback before that rally takes hold: "This past week, the market moved into this resista
Price Action Over The Prior Week This past week, the market moved into a larger resistance region to which I have been pointing for months, between 2410-2425. It will make its decision within this region as to whether it heads to 2500SPX directly from here, or lo
Many Believe In The Fed/PPT's Omnipotence The thickness of intellectual dishonesty amongst pundits and analysts in this stock market needs a power-saw to be cut through. And nothing presents this perspective more clearly than the certain belief in the power of ce
Price Action Over The Prior Week With the market remaining below our resistance of 2410SPX, we expected a drop towards 2330SPX. This past week saw a drop which bottomed within 20 points of our target region. Anecdotal And Other Sentiment Indications In
One of the benefits of being a part of a trading room with over 3000 members, over 400 professionals, and 15 analysts is that we all are able to take advantage of the combined wisdom of all the members and analysts in the room.  Since I am but one person within
The broad US stock market last week took a tumble sending a massive wave of fear through investors’ minds. On Wednesday May 17th the S&P 500 index plummeted 1.7% causing the fear index to jump a whopping 48% in a single session. What does this mean and what shoul
The SPX has continued its rally towards the ideal 2410SPX region this past week that we presented to you a month ago. And, it seems we still have a few squiggles to the upside left before this pattern is completed, and then tested. Those with a short bias in this mar
Other than traders of metals, some of the most emotional and angry traders/investors I have seen in the “blog-o-sphere” are those who solely follow timing cycles.   While there are many different cycles people follow, most seem to confound those who attemp
After the market bottomed at the 2330SPX support we noted weeks ago, it has continued higher towards our ideal target at 2410SPX on Friday, after spending the week in a sideways consolidation. If you are done looking for a market top, well, so are many other bear
This is the new normal”! That is what a professional advisor stated at a recent family office conference in London after I had outlined the global risks due to the credit and asset bubbles. This is what is so frightening about any top in the economy. Peak optimism an