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It’s my belief that gold, silver, and miners topped recently or will so this week, and then they will begin the decline into what will become an incredible buying opportunity later this year. If you haven’t had a chance, check out my Friday Gold Update regardi
As an analyst, it’s important to approach my trade without bias or predetermined conclusions. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. At my core, I’m a conservative and a strongly footed gold and silver bug. Over the years, however, I’ve learned its best not to ge
The price action for both gold and silver continues to show bullish implications for the establishment of the long-term lows we have been watching for the last several months. What we are seeing now are bullish consolidation patterns, which are very healthy for markets
Last year I wrote how I thought gold prices could drop to around the $1,000 level and then produce an impressive rally, fooling many into thinking the long-awaited bottom had arrived. Prices fell short of the $1,000 level in October only dropping to $1,045, so I wasn’t
The precious metals are at critical junctures that will mark the final lows for the bear market since 2011. The surge in gold during the New Year has been impressive, with prices rising from $1,045 per ounce to hit $1,200 as this article goes to press, a gain of 15%. Ha
If the 5.3 per cent increase in gold prices holds as the monthly annual average gain for 2016, then gold will be $1,973 an ounce by the end of the year. That’s the power of compounding if you take what many thought a very modest performance by the yellow metal in a m