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If you have begun recently to consider investing in gold or silver -- congratulations for thinking outside the box of conventional asset classes. Whether you've arrived at this point due to the recent turbulence in the stock market, or you'd like to diversify into a
I have to tell you that I had a hearty chuckle this past week when perusing some of the mainstream articles recently written on gold and it prompted me to write this article.  You see, much of what is written and thought about what drives the price of gold has
This month is a very interesting month for the global economy, and therefore, gold. For some time, the major discussion around the world among financial experts has been summed up in one word... Brexit. In fact, the thought of a Brexit is causing gold to climb in pr
Gold has a clear presence to play out in this new world, which is now dominated by global economic uncertainty.  Gold’s importance in today’s environment was clearly visible during the massive rally at the beginning of the year, when all other asset classes wer
Next week, Britons will decide whether the United Kingdom will remain within the European Union or leave. What does all this mean for the gold market? Odds of Brexit Rise We have already written about the consequences of Brexit for the gold market. Howeve
The month of June will likely become a major inflection point for gold and silver prices. Gold is on the precipice of breaking out above the $1,307 level and confirming the beginning of a multi-year rally. However, if gold prices fail to breakout in June, they could
Not feeling too optimistic about the stock market? Turns out you’re not alone. Billionaire investor George Soros recently made another major move into gold—one that’s capturing headlines all over the world. “Billionaire investor George Soros,” writes the Wall Str
Watching the price of gold throughout the first half of 2016 has been a lot like watching a roller-coaster. We've seen plenty of upward movements followed by plenty of downward movements. Nonetheless, recent news from the European Central Bank is helping to support
What a surge for gold to close the week last Friday. Prices for the precious metal climbed $35 (2.7%) for the day, ending the week at $1,243, and breaking the streak of four down weeks in a row. The cause? The US job payrolls report, released on Friday morning, w
It seemed inevitable for a few weeks and even months: the Federal Reserve was going to raise rates in June, sending the dollar higher and taking away from the price of gold. But when a recent US jobs report showed only some 30,000+ jobs created when far more were ex