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Many things in life have a cyclical cadence to them. In nature, you will find that water has a cycle, a dominate nitrogen cycle…and even a carbon cycle. Unquestionably, economies have a cyclical nature to them as well, fluctuating between periods of expansions and c
As you likely have noticed, gold and gold stocks have been the favored assets thus far in 2016. The GDX gold miner’s ETF is up 150% from the low this year. Moreover, the exciting part is that it’s just getting warmed up! As you can see from my gold stage analysis
Financial crises have become a regular occurrence in the history of the US economic landscape. Economists, financial analysts and policymakers agree that the complex nature of the economic landscape increases the likelihood that things will be messed up at a point i
The US economy added 287,000 jobs in June. What does it imply for the Fed policy and the gold market? Job Gains Rebound Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 287,000, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Economists expected 180,000 jobs cr
The non-farm employment numbers arrived at 287,000 jobs created last month versus the expected 175,000, ample figures. Gold and silver dropped on the news, but quickly recovered those losses. Surprisingly, the destitute May estimate of 38,000 jobs was revised, even
The precious metals continued their strong advances this week on worldwide safe-haven buying amidst fears of continued fallout in the EU post-Brexit. Gold rose in most international currencies, including a stellar 4.2% rise as priced in the British pound to 1,056.
Gold has been an incredibly interesting commodity to watch as of late, and for good reason. The commodity has gained in value tremendously through the course of the year. With global economic concerns plaguing markets, investors are looking to the safe haven for pro
I wanted to write a quick update addressing the Holiday price spike we saw in silver prices. Monday trading registered light volume and Holiday trickery in the silver markets. This is often an attempt to run stops and secure quick profits while trading is light. Similar
Today's investing climate is rough. With global economic conditions tough at best, the stock market has been a volatile place. This is making choosing the right investments more and more difficult as increasing volatility adds to increasing complexity. Nonetheless,
Gold has been attracting the attention of the masses for a while now, and for good reason. Throughout the first half of the year, the commodity grew in price by around 25%. However, experts like Marc Faber, Peter Schiff, and, even Ron Paul, believe that the value of