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Gold has been an incredibly interesting commodity to watch throughout the beginning of the year 2016. However, it seems as though we've only seen the tip of the iceburg. In fact, there are several reasons that gold is likely to continue climbing through the rest of
“Look at that screen,” exclaimed Fox Business Network's Stuart Varney, referring to the television graphic showing markets crashing across the globe. “The only thing going up is the price of gold!”    “It's always a dangerous thing when you leave democr
The British referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership in the European Union is behind us. Britons decided to leave the European Union. What can we expect now for the gold market, after an initial spike? Brexit Vote Is Not Brexit First of all, it must
Britain shocked the world by voting to leave the EU. It will take several weeks and months to form an exit strategy; as a global recession is guaranteed. The people of the world are fed up with status quo politicians…and hunger for change. Gold prices should thrive
One often cannot disassociate one's personal views from his objective analysis. I can look at the charts and see both a continuation of a great bull market in gold or a dead cat bounce going nowhere. However, just applying the simple analysis solves that dilemma, r
The big news impacting precious metals this week was the affirmative 'Brexit' vote on Thursday, as the citizens of Great Britain decided in a referendum to leave the European Union. Global markets were in turmoil following the vote. The British Pound fell a stagg
Today is a huge day for the market, and it's not a good one. You know what that means... gold and silver prices are skyrocketing! The big movement in the market today is the result of the recent vote with regard to the UK leaving the EU. Today, we'll talk about the
Today is a big day for the UK, Europe, and really, the rest of the world. That's because today is the day that the British people will be voting on the Brexit referendum. At the moment, it seems as though investors are expecting a stay vote, based on the movement we're
Last week we examined the history of gold ETFs, the types of funds available, and an overview of tax laws surrounding the precious metals. Today, we will continue by looking at several top fund recommendations for those who seek to participate in the precious met
Tomorrow in the UK, a major vote that could have similarly major repercussions on the global financial system will take place: The decision whether or not Britain will exit the European Union - whether it will “Brexit” or “Bremain.” The idea of a UK not in the Eu