Peter Cooper

Peter Cooper has been a senior business and financial journalist for 20 years. Since selling his dot-com news website before the global financial crisis, he's been a gold and silver investor. Cooper studied politics, philosophy, and economics at Trinity College, Oxford University. He received the designation of Financial Journalist of the Year in the UK some 25 years ago for his scoop on the privatization of Russian real estate, the largest privatization of public property in history. You can reach Peter at [email protected].

Last week the gold price saw a big pullback after the best start to the year since 1974. By the end of the week, market sentiment was poor. Commentators were almost as negative as at the New Year though not all of them. Elliott-Wave chartist Avi Gilbert noted that wh
Has Janet Yellen turned into a Gold Bug? The Fed policy statement this week was certainly good for gold with prices jumping from $1,225 to $1,263 an ounce on the news that the central bank does not intend to have as many interest rate hikes as previously stated. 
After a dramatically positive and volatile week for the gold price with $1,279 an ounce the high point last Friday, it might seem churlish to quibble about how long it will take to pass the $1,309 high set in February 2015, perhaps the final hurdle to pass to decisively
Even after a dead cat bounce for stocks and oil last week gold was only off half of one per cent, a tiny correction following the best start to the year for the precious metal since the annus mirabilis of 1980 when it quadrupled in price. There is plenty of techn
After the best start to the year since 1980 when gold prices quadrupled, and the best week for the gold price in four years with a decisive breakout from the bear market, this is an exciting point to be reviewing the now transformed outlook for gold in 2016. What wil
If the 5.3 per cent increase in gold prices holds as the monthly annual average gain for 2016, then gold will be $1,973 an ounce by the end of the year. That’s the power of compounding if you take what many thought a very modest performance by the yellow metal in a m
Almost a month into the New Year and gold price optimists are smiling while the stock marker crowd is looking pretty sick. However, global financial markets may have to shake, rattle and roll rather more vigorously for a powerful breakout in the yellow metal. How