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The action into last week witnessed the gold market forming its high in Thursday's session, here doing so with the tag of the 1522.30 figure (December, 2019 contract). From there, a quick spike lower was seen into Friday, where the metal formed its low at the 1478.0
Metals and miners have been bouncing after forming interim lows. Our cycle work supports a broken rally that should rollover between now and mid-October. A trade deal with China (partial or otherwise) could trigger the next selloff in gold. The 45 Day Cycle We
I’m not a perma-bull on gold, and I invest in a variety of asset classes depending on where value is in the market. For example, I sold my gold and silver coin collection at high levels in 2011 because there was so much enthusiasm in the space and started buying
Last week's trading saw gold forming its low in Tuesday's session, here doing so with the tag of the 1465.00 figure. From there, a sharp rally was seen into late-week, with the metal running all the way up to a Thursday peak of 1525.80 - before pulling back off the
The intermediate advance in gold prices peaked one month ago at $1566.20. We've entered the declining and somewhat choppy phase of the cycle. The commitment of trader’s report (COT) is far from supporting a bottom. It will likely take a few more weeks before gold st
The gold market saw the bearish pattern of an early-week high into resistance last week, with the index hitting a peak of 1543.30, made on a Tuesday time top. From there, lower prices were seen into late-week, here dropping down to a Friday bottom of 1493.30 - befor
With the action seen last week, gold dropped to lower lows for the move into Wednesday's session, with the metal bottoming at the 1490.70 figure (December, 2019 contract). From there, a sharp rally was seen to end the week, here running up to a Friday high of 1524.8
Gold continued to push south into last week, with the metal hitting its low in Tuesday's session - doing so with the tag of the 1492.10 figure. From there, a quick spike to the upside was seen into early-Thursday, here running all the way up to a peak of 1532.20 - b
Gold futures are trying to hold support near $1500 ahead of next weeks Fed announcement. Our intermediate forecast supports a pullback into October/November. A backtest of the $1380 breakout area could become one of the last great buying opportunities. 
Gold confirmed a new bull market in June 2019. The current cycle likely peaked last week after surging nearly $300 since May. Next, we should get a multi-week correction into October/November and perhaps a backtest of the breakout area surrounding $1380. Commitm