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The precious metals sector has reached the upside targets we’ve written about since the start of 2017. Gold has touched almost $1250/oz ($1246/oz high) while GDXJ exceeded our $41 target and GDX nearly reached $26. The glass half empty case is the sector is now at stron
Anyone watching gold recently noted that it seemed to have remarkable strength, moving up to the $1,240/ounce range. However, just recently gold dipped again…and as of the writing this morning, it’s down to about $1,230. So what’s caused this dip, and how should tha
As of this morning, gold’s price is holding strong in the $1,240 range. Generally, one might expect to see a weakened US Dollar Index in the wake of higher gold prices. However, if this week has shown us anything, it’s that gold has legs despite this resistance.
The US economy added 227,000 jobs in January. What does it mean for the gold price ? Job Gains Accelerate As we wrote on Friday, the recent ADP employment report signaled that government data could also surprise positively. Indeed, total nonfarm payr
Using past performance to predict future results is folly. As we saw in 2016, there are any number of potential news events which could shape the economic landscape this next year, many of which could directly influence the price of gold. But the past is all we h
Gold has underperformed both in nominal and real terms. Last week it formed a bearish reversal in nominal terms and against foreign currencies. However, the good news for bulls is the US Dollar Index lost support at 100, due to the Trump administration’s tough talk agai
Stocks made their march to 20,000 last week—at least as far as the Dow Jones Industrial Average is concerned—but as many psychological barriers in investing end up, the milestone appears to have had no teeth. Early trading this Wednesday morning is mixed while gold
The US Dollar Index is acting weaker than it “should”, given the magnitude of the breakout from the nearly 2-year consolidation seen last November, and illustrated in the following chart: As of the close Friday, the dollar fell for a fifth week in a row against a
Last week, several US economic reports were released. What do they imply for the gold market? GDP Growth Slows Let’s start with the advance estimate of GDP growth for the fourth quarter. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the economy slowed to 1.9 p
The cycle highs are in. Consequently, precious metals and miners are approaching their interim correction targets. The technicals suggest that we are nearing an ideal buy setup in precious metals. I will continue to monitor the pullback for clues, but I'm expecting