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Although forecasting the price of gold is a bit like trying to forecast the weather months removed from any individual storm or event, there are certain trends we can follow. And there are also set dates in which economic events are scheduled to take place, which in
Gold is currently trading near a critical level from where a massive move up or down is imminent. One of the measures that illustrate we are close to a big move is the following resistance line on the gold chart that I have previously highlighted. Below is a gold chart
On Sunday French electors chose Emmanuel Macron for the new presidential term. The final vote is still being tallied as this goes to press, but estimates are in the range of 66% for left/centrist Macron, and 34% for nationalist Marine Le Pen.       
The medium-term trends in gold are reflected by the medium-term trends in the USD Index and that’s been the case for many years. Naturally, there are deviations from this rule, but generally, it has to be the case simply because gold is priced in the US dollar. Conseque
The US economy added 211,000 jobs in April. What does it mean for the gold market? Job Gains Strong In April Total non-farm payroll employment increased 211,000 in April, following a disappointing increase of 79,000 in March, according to the U.S. Bureau of La
Precious Metals and miners are advancing toward their intermediate targets outlined in our April 21st exclusive: Gold Price Forecast - The Correction Into May Has Begun. The daily cycles are close to bottoming, and an interceding bounce is warranted. The short-term
As of Thursday morning, the prospects of the gold price were not looking good: it’s down to about $1,225-$1,230 per troy ounce. In what has been a tough day for commodities, oil is also down to a new, recent low that goes back several months. But whether or not thes
The past few weeks have been rough for precious metals. Gold had climbed all the way to $1297/oz but the other parts of the sector (silver and the gold stocks) failed to confirm the move. They have since fallen off a cliff. Over the past 14 days, GDX has lost 15% while
After the Dow Jones Industrial Average went high over the past few weeks, there has been pessimism in precious metals. Now we see that gold is hitting a three-week low as of yesterday, putting it in the mid-$1,200’s per troy ounce. Is this just a temporary setback t
Last week was a busy time for central banks. In particular, the European Central Bank released its most recent monetary policy statement. What does it imply for the gold market? Riksbank Keeps Rates Steady, but Expands QE On Thursday, three major central banks