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Last week we wrote that gold’s poor performance in real terms could reflect its worsening fundamentals. Real interest rates are rising because the rate of inflation has peaked and bond yields are rebounding. It is a double whammy for precious metals. This is not permane
Though the price of gold showed a tremendous amount of resistance in the mid-$1,200 per troy ounce range for a long time this month, it finally broke through over the Fourth of July weekend with a stumble down to what is currently around $1,220 per troy ou
The US dollar continues to show us signs of a significant long-term reversal lower in the making. As first proposed in January 2017, the dollar has now hit our initial lower target of 95.5 on the dollar index: This target was derived from a measurement of the amp
US consumer spending jumped 0.1 percent in May. What does it mean for the gold market? Consumers Barely Increase Spending Personal consumption expenditures increased 0.1 percent in May, following a 0.4 percent rise in April. The rise is soft, but in line
Intermarket analysis is a rather new field in technical analysis but one of my favorites because it is critical in understanding gold. Asset classes like stocks and bonds are enormous and aren’t as influenced by as many factors as gold. Trends in stocks, interest rates,
Has the Fed modified its monetary policy stance? What would it mean for the gold market? Markets Don’t Believe The Fed As we have already pointed out, the Federal Reserve was surprisingly hawkish in June. The FOMC raised interest rates by 25 basis points and s
Hubris is a deadly sin. It is an arrogance and conceit of the highest degree that eventually leads to failure. As we reach the final stages of the current economic cycle, hubris is prevalent everywhere. Central bankers and bankers believe that they can continue to creat
Although gold has enjoyed high prices relative to its historical performance, there’s no denying that the roaring of the stock market as it sets new highs on what seems like a regular basis has had a tremendous effect on how investors view the economy. In essence, gold’
The latest FOMC meeting was accompanied by Janet Yellen’s press conference. Let’s analyze the implications of her remarks for the gold market. Yellen’s Opening Remarks As usual, Yellen’s opening remarks were rather dull. She explained that the Fed’s decis
It was exactly one month ago we discussed our posture as a “bearish Gold bull.” The gold mining sector hit a historic low nearly 18 months ago but this new cycle has struggled to gain traction as metals prices have stagnated while the stock market and the US Dol