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Last week, there was a massive US economic data dump. What does the release of several reports imply for the gold market? Consumer Spending The turn of February and March was a hot period full of speeches and important economic news. Let’s dig into them, start
While we expected the gold stocks to correct and test GDX $22 and GDXJ $35, we did not expect it to happen so quickly. It literally took only three days! Gold stocks rebounded on Friday and managed to close the week above those key levels. While gold stocks could bounce
Forecasting the price of gold means gaining an understanding of international monetary policy. After all, gold is priced in US dollars. Anything that affects the US dollar, by extension, affects the price of gold. With a Federal Reserve interest rate hike looming
Gold miners have broken down sharply since my last missive "Diverging Tops Forming In Precious Metals And Miners." Monday's high volume recognition day likely signaled an intermediate-term decline. Miners need to retake key levels or risk slipping back to the Decemb
That’s a wrap for February. Even though there is the possibility of a Federal Reserve rate hike looming in the news, gold has now increased in price for two straight months, recovering from a low in late December of last year that appears to be an aberration at this
Yesterday was just another period of back-and-forth movement for gold, silver, the USD Index and even the general stock market – but not for precious metals mining stocks. Gold stocks and silver stocks plunged very visibly. Moreover, there are very important implication
Gold is back to within $40 of the most important technical level we have been watching since 2011: the primary declining trend shown in magenta on the 10-year chart below. The downtrend in question now comes in squarely at $1,300 – so a new test of the trend line could
The World Gold Council (WGC) released this month a new edition of Gold Investor, its publication on the gold market. What can we learn from the report? Gold: The Ultimate Insurance Policy The latest issue contains a few interesting articles about the precious
The early stages of Gold bull markets (this one included) are characterized by strong outperformance from the miners. They will lead the metals and turning points and register strong outperformance. We saw that in the early 2000s, late 2008 to early 2009 and we have see
With the Federal Reserve hinting that a rate hike may be in the works, the market is always primed to react. That’s just how things work when the Federal Reserve makes headlines these days. And with gold and silver prices moving up yesterday, there’s a clear market