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As gold and gold mining stocks approach strong resistance, we wonder if the outcome will be a sharp selloff or a period of bullish consolidation. While there are a handful of things we can examine (sentiment, momentum, relative strength, etc), today we will focus on gol
Which is it—are the markets so confident in President Trump that it’s fueled a rally to 20,000 on the Dow Jones Index, or are the markets still tepid about the economy, creating higher demand for gold and precious metals? With the recent news that the Dow Jones I
Metals and miners may have topped yesterday, but we won't know until each close beneath their respective 10-day EMA's. The dollar tested the 100 level again, and it should bounce as precious metals correct. Oil is in a drawn out topping situation similar to t
It’s official. America has a new President. What does the Trump Presidency mean for the gold market? Is Trump Bullish For Gold? On Friday, Donald J. Trump has officially become the 45th President of the United States. Is it bad or good news for the yellow meta
Today, Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. While that means different things to many different people, it should mean very interesting things specifically in the world of gold investing. Gold has been holding steady around the low
Not too long ago, markets seemed to expect the Dow Jones Industrial Average to hit the psychological 20,000-point milestone…as gold waited in the wings, pushed downward by confidence in equites. As the world prepares for a transition of power in the US and the dawn
Okay, so after long and arduous thought, you want to play the gold market. No doubt that money can be made, but be prepared to wear protective armor, as the turbulence of the market may be excruciating. Equally troubling to investors that are trying to pick a mov
Gold and silver met resistance at the $1,200 and $17.00 resistance levels, respectively. It's possible their common cycles topped today. Closing below today's lows will be the initial signs of an interim top. What troubles me most is miners. In a strong bull mark
As recently as last week, the price of gold was expected to have hit an upper limit, with some pessimism in the works for the first quarter of 2017. Today, there’s more optimism in the field, with gold looking back up toward $1,200 rather than down at $1,100. Wha
During last week spot gold prices rose 1.9% or nearly $22 to close at $1,173 as of the final tick on the New York COMEX. Initial resistance is expected to be seen between $1,190 - $1,200, labeled below in red, with support coming from the broken 2013 – 2015 down