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As we reported recently: “But let’s be aware that nothing much has happened yet technically, it is holiday silly season and it is incumbent upon a bearish sector to prove itself to be bullish. I am currently using the sector as a counterbalance to broad market posit
During the 2006-9 financial crisis, a collapse of the global financial system was avoided by massive money printing, guarantees and allowing banks to value assets at cost rather than market, as well as a panic lowering of interest rates from as high as 6% in the US to z
The US dollar is on the edge of a decline that may take many by surprise throughout 2018 and 2019. Conversely, gold, the euro and many non-dollar assets stand to benefit. Certain segments of the US stock market may hold up in a falling dollar environment, especially tho
Earlier this week, Bitcoin’s success (and stumbles) were the stuff of mainstream headlines. Not only did Bitcoin ascend to higher ground, but it just as quickly lost that higher ground with a swift 20% stumble. This leads many to wonder what’s really going on with Bitco
If the modus operandi of the Federal Reserve these days is to keep the status quo, it appears that Jerome Powell—President Trump’s pick to succeed Janet Yellen as chair of the Fed—won’t rock the boat. That could be good news for markets that are looking forward to a
Every now and then we see some kind of anomaly on the precious metals market. Sometimes it’s particularly useful and sometimes it’s just something random. Yesterday was one of those days when something didn’t seem right. The USD Index rallied, silver declined, mining st
Too many technical analysts dismiss fundamentals. True, technicals usually lead fundamentals but understanding the fundamental drivers (when it comes to gold) can give you an edge. Gold and gold stocks have remained below their 2016 peaks even in the face of a very weak
Last week, the minutes of the FOMC November meeting were released. What do they say about the Fed’s stance and what do they mean for the gold market? Fed Hike Is Coming On Wednesday, the minutes of the latest FOMC meeting were published. How can we summarize t
It is an honor to be asked to contribute a weekly article on gold and the gold sector by the founder (I.M. Vronsky) of the first gold website I ever read way back in 2001, Gold-Eagle. You may know me (if you know me at all) as an antagonist toward certain gold 
First published on Sunday Nov 19 for members of  While I would love to believe that the rally we saw on Friday is the start of the next larger degree break out in the metals complex for which many have been eagerly awaiting, there are man