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Recently Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase made headlines by labeling Bitcoin a fraud. Whether those comments played any part in Bitcoin’s recent sell off is hard to say, but the true believers reacted with predictable outrage given that the comments came fro
Last week, important pieces of US economic data were released, including the consumer price index and retail sales. What does it imply for the gold market? CPI Positively Surprises Consumer prices rose 0.4 percent last month, while core CPI increased 0.2 perce
The gold correction we’ve forecast started last week. However, the ongoing geopolitical issues with North Korea have “muddied” the waters. Always remember that gold is a “sentiment” trade. The precious metal has virtually no industrial uses, so the economic
Gold is retesting its 2016 - 2017 consolidation breakout, and the decline seen over the previous two weeks provides an ideal opportunity for precious metals investors to make final purchases before the technical model suggests that 2016 highs will be exceeded for go
Last week, we received quite a few messages in which readers asked about the long-term reverse head-and-shoulders pattern in gold and related ratios. In today’s alert we discuss this in greater detail. Let’s jump right into the gold chart (charts courtesy of http://s
On Thursday, the European Central Bank released its most recent monetary policy statement. What does it say about the ECB stance and what does it imply for the gold market? Monetary Policy Statement: Accelerated Growth But Volatile Exchange Rate The ECB k
It really should be clear that a major international banking crisis is inevitable, and likely to occur fairly soon. Due to the extreme debt levels, many banks are close to that point of failure. An event like a stock market crash is likely to push many banks to t
As we noted in last week’s forecast, gold prices had significant momentum and could overshoot to $1,340 before staging our expected pullback. Gold did overshoot, but instead moved to $1,350. The precious yellow metal is, after all, a sen
Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Jose. North Korea’s belligerence. Stocks and bonds with confidence at the same time—a rare feat in the market place. As the bard once said, “Something is rotten in Denmark.” The same applies to the markets, where gold’s price has recentl
The coming gold and silver moves in the next few months will really surprise most investors as market volatility increases substantially. It seems right now that “All (is) quiet on the Western Front” as Erich-Maria Remarque wrote about WWI. Ten years after the Great