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History Always Repeats Last week, trade wars went into high gear, caused by President Trump’s insistence that Mexico stopped illegal immigration from entering US. President Trump further insisted that China stopped intellectual theft and other malpractices accord
Will Atlas save the world? Global debt of $250 trillion can neither be serviced nor ever repaid. More likely, it will continue to grow exponentially until the world financial system collapses under the weight of the debt plus unfunded pension and medical liabilities
Last week's trading saw gold forming the more bullish pattern of an early-week low into support, with the metal bottoming in Tuesday's session with the tag of the 1269.00 figure. From there, strength was seen into Thursday, here pushing back up to a high of 1287.10
The massive explosion of wealth in the world could be a sign of general prosperity but that is certainly very far from the truth. The printed money and credit expansion has only benefited a very small minority. The gap between the rich and the poor is getting ever wider
Gold saw its high for last week registered in Tuesday's session, here doing so with the tag of the 1304.20 figure (June, 2019 contract). From there, a sharp decline was seen into late-week, with gold prices dropping all the way down to a Friday low of 1274.60 - also
Last week's trading saw gold holding in an upside consolidation, with the metal forming its low in Monday's session with the tag of the 1278.10 figure. From there, strength was seen into a Wednesday high of 1292.80 - before turning slightly lower off the same to end
My long standing target for gold of $10,000 in today’s money and much, much higher in inflationary terms, is now more probable than ever. But I hope it will never be achieved. When gold goes to $10,000, it won’t be under the same circumstances that we saw in the 1970s.
Last week's trading saw gold forming its high into mid-week, with the metal pushing up to a Wednesday post-fed high of 1289.40. From there, a drop back to lower lows for the bigger swing was seen into Thursday, here hitting a low of 1267.30 - before bouncing off the
Forecasting Gold Price Based on my technical analysis and some fundamental observation, the price of gold has nowhere to go but up, likely to hit $2000/oz before the end of 2019. Fundamental Observation President Donald Trump loves glittering gold.  Ju
Why do 99.9% of investors not own gold? Due to my interest and activity, I clearly meet a higher percentage than the 0.1% who both understand and own gold. But I also meet a lot of people who have been indoctrinated by their investment advisors and the media about gold’