Gold News

Last week we wrote: Put simply gold is in a kind of “no man’s land.” It is unlikely it will sell off much more - and it is similarly unlikely it will roar higher. Consolidation/bottoming is the name of the game this week. Gold ended the week down 0.77%. Howe
Inflation is coming and it will have a major effect on the world economy and financial markets. This is one of the factors that will drive gold to levels which few can imagine today. Later in this piece, I am discussing 10 Factors which will make gold surge. No Fear
Yesterday, gold hit a seven-week low on news that showed the U.S. economy continues to hum along, which in turn makes investors think another rate hike will come from the Federal Reserve. With the U.S. dollar index already strong and pushing down the price of gold, it’s
It is often said that in market analysis: “volume precedes price movement.” Gold has just posted its highest quarterly volume of all-time for futures trading history, for the quarter ended September 30. The closing data shows that for the period, over 17.5 millio
Several factors support an October low. If our analysis is correct, prices should bottom within the next two weeks and begin an accelerated uptrend. Short-term cycles isolate the second week of October. Before we get into specific timing and targets, I'd like to exa
Our last week’s forecast was half right and half wrong. We wrote: The precious metal might have another day or so of weakness early this week as a final “flush” off momentum traders. However, once Gold breaks above $1,300 with conviction (likely by Wednesday morn
In the world of politics—and often economics—perception often becomes reality. We’ve seen that throughout 2017 as changing geopolitical headlines seemed to affect markets one way or the other. And now that politicians in Washington are moving forward on a new tax pl
For news to be read and understood by a great number of people, it must be simple, sensational and forgettable. Most individuals are not interested in “heavy” news or complicated issues. Just compare television and newspapers today to say 50 years ago. At that time, new
When is the time to get into gold? That’s been the question for any investor that does not define themselves as a gold bug as of late. Though the stock market has shown some signs of losing confidence and there is plenty of reason for large-scale financial cynicism—
The latest FOMC meeting was accompanied by Janet Yellen’s press conference. Let’s analyze the implications of her remarks for the gold market. Do Not Fear Hurricanes In her opening remarks, Yellen noted that economic activity has been rising moderate