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The US economy added only 98,000 jobs in March. What does it mean for the gold market? Job Gains Disappoint In March The total nonfarm payrol employment increased just 98,000 in March, following a jump of 219,000 in February, according to the U.S. Bureau of La
Precious metals ended a quiet week with quite a reversal. Gold surged above its 200-day moving average for the first time since November, only to lose the gains and then close below the 200-day moving average. Silver was already trading above its 200-day moving average
Last week saw us forecast the price of gold for the entire quarter. But long-term trends can be tricky. To get a read on gold’s true position, let’s zoom in and see what news headlines in April could potentially send gold heading north or south—and which headlines i
As we approach the beginning of the greatest wealth destruction in history, it is an absolute certainty that no one will escape the suffering that will be brought upon the world. The ones who will suffer the least financially are of course the poorest since they have ve
Gold and silver prices are at a critical point. It appears that we will see massive price movements up or down, soon. Conditions are very similar to that of the early 80s (circa 1983), like when the Dow Index had just made a significant breakout…after a 17-year consolid
First published on Saturday April 1 for members of   Over the last week, I have been noting that the silver chart has been the most instructive as to how the complex is running right now.  While we certainly broke out
After ending March at around the $1,250 per ounce mark, gold prices have started a fresh week and a fresh month with some enthusiasm. Although it’s far too early to make any conclusions about the week—and certainly the month—it’s worth exploring the elements in the
On the first trading day of the month we naturally look back to the month that was in the field of precious metals—specifically, gold. But it’s also the end of a quarter, which means we’re moving to a new segment in 2017. That means trying to get a read on a potenti
US consumer spending rose 0.1 percent in February. What does it imply for the gold market? Consumer Spending Personal consumption expenditures increased just 0.1 percent in February after a 0.2 percent jump in December. The result is below consensus due to wea
Precious metals closed the first quarter with solid gains. Gold gained almost 9% while silver gained 14%. The miners (GDX and GDXJ) gained the same amounts (9% and 14%) but unlike the metals which closed at their highs of the quarter, ended up losing more than half thei