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The US owes the world 453,000 tonnes of gold, which is almost three times all the gold ever produced in history. Whilst market observers worry about what the Fed will do next or the health bill, nobody sees that the US is on the way to total ruin by run
Many economists consider consumer confidence to be one of the strongest indicators of the health of an economy. And with the index hitting a new high since December of 2000 in March, the news sent the stock market hurling upwards yet again, stopping a recent streak
There is no question that the meandering of the metals complex in 2017 has tested many investor’s patience.  But, a market does not scream out to the entire complex that it is about to embark upon a parabolic run.  So, it will likely continue to test our p
The US dollar is on the verge of a major reversal lower, which will have important ramifications for world markets: most notably currency cross-pairs, commodities and precious metals. Many readers will already know the poor fundamentals underlying the US currency
Demand for physical gold is allegedly collapsing. Is that true and what would it mean for the gold market? Physical Demand Doesn’t Drive Gold Prices Simon Black from has recently reported the significant decline in sales of physical bullions.
Last week we wrote that precious metals should see upside follow through, but to be wary of the 200-day moving averages and February highs before becoming excited. The metals did follow through as Gold gained 1.5% and Silver gained 1.9% (for the week) but the miners dis
It’s a testament to the recent success in the market that Tuesday’s minor bump downward seems to have the market spooked. The gold price, which had been hanging around the $1,220, to $1,230 range, is most recently hovering around $1,245 per troy ounce as of
Typically, a rise in the Federal Reserve target interest rates means that you can expect the price of gold to dip over the long-term. But clearly, these are not typical times. The stock market remains high while the markets reacted a little unexpectedly to the finan
The latest FOMC meeting was accompanied by Janet Yellen’s press conference. Let’s analyze the implications of her remarks for the price of gold. Yellen’s Opening Remarks Generally speaking, Yellen’s opening remarks were quite boring and predictable. As previou
The junior gold stocks corrected hard in recent weeks, setting them up to blast higher on Wednesday’s less-hawkish-than-expected Fed.  That started to dispel some of the serious bearish sentiment that has been mounting in this sector.  The junior gold miners’