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With recent boosts to the gold price showing an obvious fear in the markets, there’s no shock that gold demand has gone up. Unstable geopolitical headlines and two consecutive hurricanes moving against the United States have made even mainstream investors a bit worr
The 2017 Economic Symposium at the end of August took place in Jackson Hole. What does it imply for the gold market? Yellen’s Speech And Gold The annual Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium in Wyoming is behind us. Since we were on short vacation, we we
Our forecast from last week unfolded like clockwork with gold prices breaking above the all-important psychological level of $1,300 and following through to our upside target of $1,325. That was the easy money. This week is not nearly as clear. Gold has major res
Gold cleared $1300 early in the week and padded its gains on Friday even amid a bullish weekly reversal in the US Dollar. Gold’s breakout was validated by a strong monthly close on Thursday and then a strong weekly close Friday. As predicted, the miners perked up with t
In the last update , we noted the important technical breakout that gold had shown above its key long-term 2011 – 2017 downtrend. The successful breakout came after multiple failed attempts over the past 12 months. We note the change in behavior that gold has s
There are lies damned lies and Central Bank Gold statistics. Total official global gold holdings are reported to be 33,000 tonnes. That is 19% of all the gold ever produced in the world. But how can anyone ever believe any of these figures. Because no central bank ever
The price of gold, which has been hanging in the $1,200’s per troy ounce nearly all year, finally saw a breakthrough into $1,300 in recent weeks. Last year’s spike in gold price came as a result of the fallout over the Brexit vote—a tumultuous event, if some prognostica
Two weeks ago, the London Bullion Market Association published a new edition of its quarterly journal called “Alchemist.” What can we learn from this publication? Gold Remains Haven In The Turmoil Of Political Times There are many interesting article
Gold prices should have broken through $1,300 last week. It was only through abject market rigging that it didn’t. The single biggest market rig currently is for “someone” to slam the VIX lower to force risk parity funds to buy stocks. It’s fairly clear that the
Welcome to the dog days of summer. The low volatility in precious metals continues. Janet Yellen or some other Fed heads said something Friday. Precious Metals sold off but quickly recovered. It appears that not much has transpired in recent weeks as precious metals hav