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The US economy added 156,000 jobs in December. What does it mean for the gold market? Job Gains Soft Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by just 156,000, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Analysts expected 175,000 jobs created. Thus, the
Where is gold’s price headed in 2017? It’s a simple question with a complicated answer. To make sense of it, let’s review some of the most important factors on the price of gold this year: Factor #1: Interest Rates Interest rates might not have the effect on g
There’s tremendous optimism—though some might call it cautious optimism—in the current markets. That’s been true for almost a full quarter in the equities markets. However, it appears that 2017 may be starting out with similar optimism in the commodities markets as
Some analysts say that gold is oversold. Others claim that gold has not established a bottom yet. Which fundamentals support which outcome? Sentiment Turns Bearish The price of gold plunged in the last quarter of 2016. Since the U.S. presidential election, gol
With 2017 upon us and another year in the record books, let us examine the performance of the precious metals in relation to other major asset classes for the full year in an attempt to learn what 2017 may have in store. We begin the article with a broad examination
The gold price was on a crazy roller-coaster ride during 2016. Gold bugs were ecstatic during the first half of the year, as gold finally rallied strongly after a 4-year correction. It was a fierce rally to be sure, as the price advanced from $1,045 to $1,377 in the cou
Gold and silver are bouncing from oversold conditions, as expected. Gold prices should remain below $1,190 and silver below $16.80 during this rebound. However, miners have already exceeded our expectations for a relief rally and could be signaling a bottom. If t
2017 is only days away…with 2016 sufficiently wrapped up, looking toward the future and forecasting the price of gold is the next step. Where do we expect the price of gold to head in early 2017, and why? To answer those questions, we’ll approach our gold
There are just three days left in 2016, which means that this week will wrap up the financial year. For the price of gold it’s been a strong year, despite the fact that confidence in the stock market and in the economy as a whole has taken a bite out of gold’s post-
Last week, Fed Chair Yellen delivered a speech at the University of Baltimore. What can we learn from it? On December 19, Yellen gave Commencement remarks at the University of Baltimore. She focused on the labor market, convincing the new graduates that they are