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First published on Sunday Nov 19 for members of  While I would love to believe that the rally we saw on Friday is the start of the next larger degree break out in the metals complex for which many have been eagerly awaiting, there are man
With Thanksgiving this week, the markets are a bit shortened—leaving the price of gold room for little movement as investors try to identify a good time to buy into the metal. With the Dow Jones performing well to start the week, pressure on gold was initially downw
What is absolutely certain is that global wealth will be totally decimated in the next 4-8 years. It doesn’t matter if you are very rich or “just own a house” with some equity left. Most of it will come down in value by 75-95% in the next few years as the debt and a
We were recently asked to comment on Harry Dent’s predictions for the gold market and we thought that our reply might benefit other gold investors as well. To be precise, we were asked about Harry Dent’s 30-year cycle that supposedly peaked in 2011, and we supposedly co
It has been a while since we’ve applied historical analysis to the precious metals sector. It is something we really enjoy as history can help define and contextualize current trends and help us spot opportunities. Back in March of this year we noted that the gold stock
Two weeks ago, the London Bullion Market Association published a new edition of its quarterly journal called “Alchemist”. What can we learn from this publication? History: Spain, Inflation, Wars And Gold In the recent edition of the Alchemist, there are m
Over the past month or so, there has been a strong trend for the U.S. dollar. Holding onto late October increases, the U.S. dollar index repeatedly moved close to 95 points, which in turn helped keep the price of gold under the psychological $1300 per troy ounce barrier
First published on Sunday Nov 12 for members of  When I sat down to review how I can update the analysis I provided to our members in my mid-week update, I realized that there is not much more technical analysis I am able to add to what I
A daily rally in gold, daily decline, daily turnaround and other daily price developments are both interesting and dangerous. Interesting, because nothing is as exciting as a big intraday move. Dangerous, because they can make one too emotional about a given trading pos
Every now and then I see another analyst publicly claim that the gold market is being manipulated. And, the reason they come to that conclusion is because the market moved in way “they did not expect.” Now, for those of us who are thinking people, we clearly see