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According to the Fed, industrial production decreased 0.6 percent in March. What does it mean for the Fed’s monetary policy and gold market? Industrial Production Still In Recession Last week was rich in economic data. We have already analyzed the impact of March
Gold is a very interesting commodity, whose price has seen quite a bit of movement over the past several months. In fact during this year, there have been few assets that have been anywhere near as interesting to watch as gold has been. Moreover, things are getting even
Bull markets aren’t always easy to discern. Too often, investors hear that a bull market has arrived in one particular sector, only by then, the real gains to be had are too little and too late. As famous investor Warren Buffet likes to note, it’s usually a better idea
Gold is one of my favorite commodities to watch…and for good reason. The reality is that gold isn't simply used in jewelry and other consumer goods. No, it's used as an investment, which adds quite a bit of volatility to the price of the commodity. While the commodity h
Gold has been a very interesting commodity to watch as of late. In the beginning of the year, the price of the precious metal went screaming upward as the market crashed. However, in mid-February, the value of the precious metal started to fall as expectations that the
Last week, we covered three important reports about the gold market. Today, we would like to discuss yet another publication. On March 31, the World Gold Council (WGC) released a market update entitled “Gold in a world of negative interest rates”. What are the main con
Yesterday, the WGC released its latest market update entitled “Gold outshines the market in Q1 2016”. What are the main conclusions of the report? Glittering Start To 2016 The price of gold rose 16.7 percent in U.S. dollars in Q1 2016, being one of the best perfor
The same story we’ve seen all year continued this Thursday morning as the Federal Reserve is sending cautious signals and sending investors to worrying about the state of the dollar and the global economy as a whole. What’s that story? For starters, gold’s price is u
Yesterday, the minutes of the Federal Reserve's March meeting were released. What do they say about the Fed’s stance and what do they mean for the gold market? Fed Still Worried by Global Turmoil The January minutes showed that the Fed had been worried by the
At the end of March, Metals Focus released its Gold Focus 2016, looking at the developments in the global gold market and the future of gold prices. What are the main conclusions of the report? End Of Bear Cycle In Gold Market? The last day of March was very busy