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Gold has been weak over the last few days, falling back down to $1,225, as this article goes to press. The major contributor to gold's fall has been strength in the U.S. dollar since last Wednesday, when the Federal Reserve released minutes from its most recent poli
Is gold in retreat? CNBC seems to think so, noting that the yellow metal has enjoyed a strong 2016 but, as of late, appears to be holding off on more impressive gains. That’s a fancy way of saying that gold has been going down lately, never faithfully cracking the p
Gold has had an incredibly interesting year, to say the least. In the beginning of the year, the value of the precious metal skyrocketed, as concerns with regard to China's economic and market conditions took hold. However, recently, we've been seeing declines on th
Gold has been my favorite commodity to watch this year, and for good reason. The value of the yellow metal has skyrocketed for most of the year, leading to quite the discussion. However, earlier this week, inflation data with regard to the United States was released, co
Investors need to be both mentally and physically prepared for the next chapter in gold and silver prices. If we’re correct, there will be a record amount of enthusiasm and prices will reach unthinkable levels; fortunes will be made. Sadly, many participants will be sid
Demand for gold continues to rise in a big way, especially from billionaires. In fact, billionaire George Soros made the decision to cut his investments in US stocks by 37% in the first quarter, then turned around and purchased shares in the world's biggest gold bullion
Although the Federal Reserve seemed to have backed off of its lofty goals for rate hikes this year, new rumors are swirling that the bank may be poised to raise interest rates again in the summer. Although some are less than optimistic that this will occur (Peter Schiff
While gold is up $230 from December for a gain of 22% and silver has added $3.45 for a 25% gain over the same time frame, the real news in the investment world has been the action in the gold and silver miners. Indeed, from the winter lows, the HUI Index of gold and sil
Retail sales jumped 1.3 percent in April. What does this imply for the gold market? Retail Sales Show Strength in April Retail sales increased 1.3 percent last month, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. It was the biggest gain this year, beating expectat
With gold demand up this year, there’s no doubting that many investors are coming around to the idea of gold as a safe haven. But are investors moving in on gold simply because what they believe about gold, or what’s real? And how do you separate the myth from the reali