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It's easy to turn bearish when gold prices drop consecutively for 6-weeks without an intervening rally. Sentiment for precious metals and miners has cratered, but prices continue to grind lower. The charts are oversold, and Investors are growing concerned, understan
Anyone watching this space yesterday knows how important the Federal Reserve’s announcement of an interest rate hike has been to the economy as a whole. Although the stock market has shown some resilience—first heading down, but rebounding early on Thursday morning…
Every time the Federal Reserve meets, it’s big news…one way or the other. In some cases, the Fed will meet and keep things the way they are. But anticipation of an interest rate hike is rampant for this month’s meeting, which means that gold investors will want to p
The next Federal Reserve policy meeting is not until December 14. Nonetheless, the US 3-Month Treasury Bill market is already pricing in a hike to the key interbank lending rate. Why is this important for precious metals investors? Because it was the first Fed Ra
We currently sit in a precarious position regarding the cycles I follow. The intermediate (6-month) gold cycle is the primary mechanism behind roughly 70% of our timing decisions and therefore a vital component of our system. Our medium-term outlook has swung betwee
It won’t be long before the next Federal Reserve meeting takes place and collectively decides whether or not to raise rates on our current economy. Those forecasting the price of gold don’t only see this meeting, slated to take place in December, as a way to determi
In the aftermath of the unexpected Trump victory, there is a warning signal showing up in the precious metals markets that investors should be aware of. Despite fundamentals that seem to be supportive for gold, the market may be headed for a retest of the December 2
The first two weeks of November host critical events that will shape the next few months. Most important of which is the US Presidential election. Its outcome could send shock-waves through the entire financial system. A Trump victory could support gold prices as
The US Dollar is widely known for its inverse correlation to precious metal prices. As the reserve currency appreciates in value, commodities that are priced in dollars go down. This relationship is useful when forecasting price targets. Another currency used for th
This article is a follow-up to my Gold Forecast: The Next Great Buying Opportunity  posted a little over a month ago. At that time, we noted how gold and silver prices had diverged as the miners made new marginal highs. There were also discrete signs of distrib