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The action last week saw gold dropping down to lower lows for the larger swing, with the metal forming its bottom on Tuesday with the tag of the 1238.80 figure (August, 2018 contract). From there, a decent bounce was seen into Thursday, here pushing up to a high of 1262
Can investors really be that wrong? Global risk is today greater than ever in history and at the same time the great majority of investors show no fear at all. There are so many potential catalysts that could shake the world economy out of its sweet dreams into a living
Whilst the US government worries about the military threat of Russia, and the trade deficit with China, they show no concern for the real problems. To understand what is really happening, all we need to do is to Follow the Money. The flows of real money reveal wher
With the mid-term trend still pointing lower, gold prices continued to push to lower lows into last week, with the metal dropping all the way down to a Thursday bottom of 1262.40 - before bouncing slightly off the same into the weekly close. The Short-Term Cycles
As pointed out in my last article, gold was holding in a consolidation pattern - with several key price reversal levels holding the last try at strength. With that, the metal broke to the downside into late last week, with the mid-term cycles continuing to point sou
Brexit, Quitaly and Grexit. Debt Defaults, Stock Shocks, Bond Bubbles, Properties Popping, Derivative Defaults and Banks Busting. Well that is just some of the events that twill take place in the next few years. But the world is living in ignorant bliss of what is
With the action seen last week, gold is holding in a consolidation pattern at the present time, with the same expected to give way to an eventual up-cycle phase into mid-to-late Summer. Having said that, no larger turn has been confirmed, putting us in 'wait-and-see
The ECB (European Central Bank) just had its 20th birthday. But there is really nothing to celebrate. The EU is in a total mess and the Euro which was launched on January 1, 1999 is a failed currency. Every President of the ECB has had to deal with fires that had ve
The fundamental drivers for gold and the US Dollar are similar and that is why they typically trend together. Negative and/or falling real rates drive gold and the same drives the greenback though with respect to differentials between the other competing currencies. Whe
Gold is in a primary recovery pattern as it attempts to break above its 2016 peak of $1,378 per ounce. This recovery pattern appears over and over again throughout history – the success or failure of gold to maintain the structure of this pattern will pave the way f