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For the gold market, the recent action has been very choppy, with the short-term waves either having bottomed - or else with a marginal amount of weakness still to come. As for U.S. stocks, the cycles there are pointing higher into later this month, which is in line
Both Western and Eastern central banks are now fully supporting gold. Precious metals investors can with total confidence buy and hold physical gold, silver and platinum in the firm knowledge that central banks both in the West and the East will by their actions guarant
Gold's Short-Term Cycles For the very short-term, the next minor cycle top is due to play out with the 10-day wave, with the larger 34 and 72-day cycles still seen as pointing south at the present time. With that 10-day cycle into topping range, any reversal belo
The risk of holding cash or gold in a bank is increasing continuously. Later on I discuss the difficulties bank clients encounter in taking money or gold out of their bank. The word risk can be traced back to Greek via Latin to root or cliff. These were the the dang
Last week's action saw Gold forming its low in Tuesday's session, here doing so with the tag of the 1196.60 figure. From there, a sharp rally was seen into Friday, with the metal pushing up to a high of 1226.00 - before backing slightly off the same to end the week.
Owning gold is life insurance and wealth preservation. Anyone who has lived through hyperinflationary periods in the Weimar Republic, Zimbabwe, Argentina or Venezuela understands the importance of gold. But it is not enough just to own gold or silver. It is also ext
Last week's action saw gold forming its high in Wednesday's session, here doing so with the tag of the 1238.40 figure. From there, a sharp decline was seen into Friday, with the metal dropping all the way down to a low of 1207.20 - also managing to end the week at o
In a world based on fake paper and fake electronic money as well as fake asset values, the real significance of gold has got lost. With endless credit expansion and money printing, all asset prices have exploded and investors have made fake profits that seem real. B
Last week's trading saw gold selling down into mid-week, with the metal dropping all the way down to a low of 1213.40 (December, 2018 contract) into a Wednesday time bottom. From there, a sharp rally was seen into Thursday, here running all the way up to a peak of 
Where the gold is going is certainly no secret. Whilst the West has not got a clue of the strategic significance of physical gold, the East’s accumulation of the yellow metal continues unabated. Since 2008 just China and India have accumulated 26,000 tonnes of gold.