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Last week's trading saw gold forming its low in Monday's session, here doing so with the tag of the 1222.80 figure (December, 2018 contract). From there, strength was seen into late-week, with the metal running all the way up to a Friday peak of 1246.00 - before bac
Bulls are not killed off easily. They are strong, fierce and have real staying power. And this is what should be expected at a top of a secular bull market. Injured or weakened, the bull will still go on which is the case with many stock markets. Whilst some markets
From my prior article earlier this month, a short-term upward phase was deemed to be in force for the gold market, with higher gold prices expected to play out, due to the position of the 34 and 72-day time cycles. With stocks, a sharp decline was expected to materi
The gold price already bottomed, says InvestingHaven’s research team. The upside potential in gold’s price near term is 7 percent while gold’s price may rise 12 pct into 2019. Best case, though, if gold would get a bid with global markets continuing their sell-off w
There is a fallacy now spreading throughout the precious metals world, and gold investors who believe it to be true will be making a costly mistake when attempting to navigate the volatility in this market over the next several years. What is the fallacy we are r
The end of an empire is a dramatic but also drawn out event with very few willing to face the facts. As the end is getting closer, denial is at its peak. We can probably figure out how it will end but not quite when. Looking at the facts, the beginning of the end is her
Gold saw its low for last week made in Monday's session, here doing so with the tag of the 1188.10 figure. From there, strength was seen into a Wednesday high of 1212.30 - before backing slightly off the same to end the week. With the action seen last week, the p
The coming gold and silver surge is guaranteed. It is not a question of IF but only WHEN. Initially, the imminent revaluation of the precious metals will have nothing to do with an investment mania but with the total mismanagement of the world economy. A spectacular ris
The action from last week saw gold forming its high in Monday's session with the tag of the 1208.80 figure, before turning south into a Friday low of 1184.40 - before bouncing off the same to end the week. With that, the short-term cycles are seen as pointing lower,
With global investment markets standing at crossroads, investors have the option to lose it all or to benefit from the biggest wealth transfer in history. I have quoted this passage from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar many times but it is more appropriate than ever for the